Change your tax residency status

Tax-free solution for digital nomads and global entrepreneurs

Choosing a country of your residence status is a strategic element in maximising your quality of life, level of taxation and freedom of movement, especially in Europe and other countries.

Watertight, uncomplicated wealth & freedom solutions

At Winston Wolfe & Co. we believe in making things as simple as possible for you, our client.

The simpler the solution, the quicker it can be established, and the sooner you can achieve your wealth and freedom goals.

Why complicate things?

We know that our approach is unique. Others may cloak their solutions in layers of complexity in order to confuse their clients into paying inflated fees, but we work in a very different way, and we know our approach works.

Winston Wolfe’s unique approach

The majority of our business comes from word of mouth. Those we help and craft wealth and freedom solutions for recommend us to their peers, their colleagues, their family and their friends.

They do this because our solutions work, our solutions offer exceptional value for money, and our solutions speak for themselves.

Our clients become our long-term customers, trusting us to maintain their wealth and freedom solutions for life, because what we deliver works, and is a comprehensive, cost effective answer.

What makes us so good…

What makes us so good at what we do is that we live our own approach.

Each of us at Winston Wolfe & Co. has established tax-free residency, and we each lead a free, digital-nomad-style life abroad. As a result, we are each absolutely best placed to enable you to do the same.

We don’t advise you from highly expensive offices in the most wealthy central business districts in the world, because we are not geographically restricted.

This not only slashes our own costs – savings which we pass on to you – but it means we can travel to you, we can meet you wherever you are, or you can come to us as we travel between many of the most desirable destinations in the world.

We conduct consultations remotely and at our client’s convenience; however, we will always be available to walk you through each stage of the process for your own personal wealth or freedom solution.

This may mean we literally sit beside you and represent you in a meeting to establish a private bank account in Dubai, or it could simply mean we complete required paperwork and applications for you for the incorporation of an IBC, or the acquisition of a license or visa in any country in the world.

Robert Sládek’s straightforward solution for tax-free living

Each of our clients is unique, and you will have your own personal requirements, challenges, risks and opportunities that we will craft a bespoke solution around.

However, to illustrate just how simple a solution can be, here’s Winston Wolfe & Co. founder Robert Sládek’s most efficient path to tax-free living.

This solution is ideal for permanent travellers and digital nomads, and has been personally crafted by Robert to be as cost effective and as universally efficient as possible.

The success and suitability of this approach speaks for itself; it is our best selling package, our most requested product, and the most renewed solution at Winston Wolfe & Co.:

  1. Incorporate a free zone company in the UAE.
    The easiest way is via the Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) free trade zone, which is done through registered agents of the Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority.  Winston Wolfe & Co. are registered agents, and we complete the entire incorporation process for you.
  2. Obtain a UAE business license.
    We do this for you.
  3. Obtain a UAE investment visa.
    We do this for you.
  4. Change your tax residency status to tax-free UAE.
    We enable you to do this with close personal consultation, taking into full consideration your current country of tax residency and your tax authority’s rules and regulations. The strategy we devise will be legal and watertight, bespoke to you. You will acquire permanent residency status in the UAE for 3 years, a status that’s renewable.

You don’t need to be sponsored, you can come and go as you please, and as long as you maintain your RAK company, which we handle for you, your visa is renewable for as long as you want it.

To maintain your visa you just have to enter the UAE every 6 months for a minimum of 1 day. There is no requirement to rent or buy a property or to conduct any business through your company or with your business license.

Costs, timeframe and requirements…

For this entire package the fee is an all-inclusive €17,700.

You need to factor in an additional $4,900 every 3 years to enable visa renewal.

The solution can be created in its entirety in 6 weeks*.

*Note: this depends on your personal availability to travel to the UAE for a basic health check, which is a requirement for obtaining your visa, and for a private meeting at the bank to open your international account.

We do everything for you – from taking you to the hospital for your basic health check, to completing all paperwork – apart from your signature.

We give you personalised advice relating to legally shedding your current tax residency status.  We accompany you to your private bank introduction. We even hand deliver your business license and all incorporation and visa documentation.

The requirements on you are minimal, considering this is your passport to tax-free living anywhere in the world.

We require certain identification documentation from you including passport and utility bill copies, bank statements or banking reference, and we require your approval of and signature on application forms we fill out for you.

In addition you will be required to undergo a most basic medical check in Dubai and attend your bank account opening meeting in person.

Isn’t it time you contacted us – because we’re ready to help you just as soon as you’re ready to help yourself…

No matter what your freedom ambitions, wealth goals, residency challenges or tax concerns, we have the solution because we are the solution.

Contact us today and receive a no-obligation, free and confidential consultation, and discover just how quickly, easily, efficiently and cost-effectively you can achieve personal and financial freedom with Winston Wolfe & Co.

How we can help you?

We enable individual and corporate clients to change their tax residency status to more favorable jurisdictions.

We offer confidential personalised advice to enable your decision-making, helping you select the most appropriate residency program in the best jurisdiction, according to your individual requirements.

We are licensed and registered professional intermediaries, offering full-service offshore solutions.

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